Hello! Enjoy our public demo of the upcoming ero game "Max the Elf ♂"!
Our patreon: patreon.com/tHoodie

Level 4 update is LIVE on Patreon!

Level 4 is currently LIVE and you can download it on Patreon! (early access only on Patreon until further notice)

For more information you can check my Twitter here: twitter.com/HoodieDraws/status/1605697951543660544

Or go straight to the update on patreon here:


We hope you like the update!

VERSION v3.11 Download below!

Please read: v3.11 was too big for the browser to load, so the browser is still on the old version 3.03 for now untill we find a fix! But you can download the new version (v3.11) up at the download button.

Newly added:
- Foxy is no in level 3!
- The gallery now also works for level 3!

Working on level 4 now.

Corrupted Vick is "Hidden", if you want to find him, consider talking to cheerleader Vick.

Thanks for your patience, T-Hoodie, Rocky and JJ .

Q: How do I resize the game window? Sorry, but the game is forced to launch at 1280 x 720. If you want to make the game bigger: On windows: If you make a shortcut for "Max_The_Elf_DEMO", then go to properties of the shortcut, and add " -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080 -screen-fullscreen 1 " to the [target/destination (translated from dutch)] property, it will launch with those settings! Image preview: https://imgur.com/a/R4lV2Xn

PLEASE READ: Please make sure you have hardware acceleration on in google chrome.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(2,120 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cute, Erotic, Fantasy, LGBT, Monsters, Side Scroller, Tentacles, Traps, Unity


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

MtE v3.11 windows.rar 240 MB
MtE v3.11 MAC.rar 240 MB

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No le entendí a la explicación de cómo poner la pantalla grande en Windows

does someone know all off the passwords


love the game but in the 3rd level the end is to hard

i am not able to make it past this level

pls PLS change this i am begging you

Can you update the Android version?

Please bring us the android version 🙏🥺

Level 1 was wayyy harder than Level 2 and 3 goodness. Though might be because it took while for me to get the controls (I didn't notice the slide attack was on a timer)

Иногда мне очень хочется стать Максом..


any idea when level 4 will come out for public release?


is their a way to get early access on patreon to play the game if so which tier



When are you thinking of making an Android version?

(2 edits)

Art and animation is ridiculously good but gameplay is a little frustrating. The movement feels incredibly sluggish and the it takes a long time between attacks (and you can't attack enemies that grab you from behind).


You have to avoid them or eliminate them using Q on keyboard


you...cant attack them with q when they are behind you lol, avoiding is the only option

Probably meant the special attack that kills everything on the screen.


Sacarán version apk?

(1 edit) (+6)(-1)

no homo but... hands down 5 stars

is there a way to get a linux version or a downloadable html5 of the game please ?


Run it through Steam with Proton, worked fine on my Steam Deck.

can confirm

thanks !


Rlly cool idea, but the game is way too hard. There's way too much stuff in the screen and some enemies are borderline unfair to play against, manly the dick plant and the bee, the problem with the dick plant is that you can't see it coming, idk if that's just cuz there's way too many enemies in your screen at all time if the effects weren't big enought to get my attention. The problem with the bee is kinda the same as the dick plant, because there's way too many enemies sometimes you can't jump in time and end up being fucked by the bee if not by most enemies in the screen at that moment, on way to make the bee more fair to play against is making it so when you press "a" or left arrow max turns the other way, so we can hit the bee. But other than that and the controls being kinda janky, the game is rlly cool and it has and even cooler idea, I rlly liked the corruption mechanic(never seen it before), the portal is an excelent idea for an timer and I rlly liked, even tho I didn't even completed the first level lol.


your just bad ngl


skill issue

Any idea when the next update will be on itch?

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey do you think you could come out with an android version, if not I'll just have to wait till I get a PC. Was just curious if it was possible or already happening


yo, maybe you can add the dogs like a "secret boss" or something. Cuz dame i want to see it again

Probably not? The explanation for why it was removed is still in effect.


I think I'll just wait for the Netflix series.


I've only had this game for 6 hours and ive already nutted to it 4 times, im a femboy

Pics or it didn't happen.


android when tho



Yeah I wanna know


my heterosexuality is in ruins


i nutted to this  four times today 3 in one sitting I'm female








need proof ong




I can't download


are you on Mac?


I can't download it plz help


also if slimy leaves some slime in max when they finish is he just walking around with that still in him? that would explain why the other mods don't need lube

This is really a good game, but how to make it full screen

There is literally a message left by creator...

"Q: How do I resize the game window? Sorry, but the game is forced to launch at 1280 x 720. If you want to make the game bigger: On windows: If you make a shortcut for "Max_The_Elf_DEMO", then go to properties of the shortcut, and add " -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080 -screen-fullscreen 1 " to the [target/destination (translated from dutch)] property, it will launch with those settings! Image preview: https://imgur.com/a/R4lV2Xn "


Could this one day come to the Android platform? serious unpublished


Insanely good artwork and animations. Better than most games like this. Glad there is gender bending too. A little something for everyone ^_^


i'm so disappointed in myself...im on my school computer

Down baddd

hopefully you didnt log in with your own credentials? right..





(1 edit) (+13)

im straight i swear

edit: idk if i still am


Try to stay straight: Impossible challenge


You are at least bisexual. Welcome.  We enjoy everything here.

I'm on Mac I can't can't play it. I have it downloaded and its no longer archived but it tells me an error accord. I looked in the read me file but got confused and lazy so now I'm here plz help so I can play game

are you using the mac version

yes. I don't know how to change the file to make it executabl


when will the next level be here?

Deleted 33 days ago

Will there be a android version 


does hoodie draws have a discord? 


I do have a discord! It's linked to my patreon so you get an invite automatically on Patreon. Sorry but we don't keep up public links, to keep it easier on moderation and work.

if i buy the game here, am i buying the demo?

The game is free right now, the price that shows when you click download is just an donation/tip.

Now if it stays free i dont know.

Can I download the game for free?

Yes, you click download now then no thanks to me to downloads.

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