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Not gonna lie... that game is realy good. If the slide cooldown were a little bigger i think that the game will be more challenging because the slide is overpower as hell (enemy: you can't kill all of us just by slidding     Player: haha slide goes BRRRRRR) but yeah     that's a good game (btw my english is bad     i know :)   )

Hey, any chance for a regular .zip files? .rar files don't open on windows and thanks to flash going out, I can't play this. Also, maybe a mobile version?

Same problem can't install on my pc, but I accidentally found a way to install the game to my sister's phone somehow even though there's not supposed to be a mobile version.


To open .rar files you need to download winrar.

My computer can't connect to wifi, so I've just been downloading them on my phone and transferring the files, I don't think I can do that-

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just unzip them in your phone first then ,just write zip in your application store and a tone of app will pop  up , use one of them


I expect this to be banned 

Then why come here? Stupidity isn't a crime, your free to go. Feed your own ego. If you don't like it then gtfo :D


i did a perfection playthrough (well except for the riddles but i dont count that)

Hi, i wanted to say that i like it so much, when will the next updates?


I love this so, so much. I just wish there were visible signs max was getting corrupted? Like maybe he starts always leaking or succubus symbols appear on him~


Absolutely, showing that he is getting more corrupted would be amazing!

That would be cool

I wish this game will released on mobile


you should add a zone with a bunch of fetishes, like entity with armpit shit, feet shit, paizuri? i don't know (rooting for armpit) or something to change max's outfit or hairstyle


awl hell nah 😨


boi what the hell boi


you need to seek help my man


no bro get out of here i cant keep seeing this 


Everyone's reaction to this is absolutely priceless 


I think those would be cool additions.  Also I think the shit part is a figure of speech guys. he probably meant it as word for content, like saying "man that's some cool shit." The game already has fetishy stuff like tentacles, slime, corruption, and bondage. If T-Hoodie wants to I don't see a problem with adding more kinks to the mix

I agree. He just came up with an idea. It's strange to see people complain about an idea of putting more fetishy stuff in a game that already contains them.


Just a friendly reminder, thinking Max is hot isn't gay ;)


as a trans girl I'd love it if there was a way to customize the gender and apearance of max but all in all I loved it :)


try out tales of androgyny then


Seeing these comments, I can safely say this game is an heterosexuality buster for a lot of men around here.

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Me: I'm not gay

Me: Sees this game

Me: Ok, maybe I'm gay


this is making me have feelings no straight man should ever feel, please help.


Is this game coming for android too or not?


are you still working on this game? when can we expect updates?


smol update soon with the surrender button, level 3 will come probably in November. Still working on it, I post updates on Patreon and on my Twitter every week.




I love your game, I hope you will keep it as it is and just keep expanding upon it with more levels/enemies. It is the perfect game after "angel girl" and "Demon girl" games that I used to play many years ago. Really great job!! I'm looking forward to more updates


I love the artstyle and character design, but the gameplay is a bit too basic... It's something very often seen in hentai games. With some better ideas for gameplay, I think it could be a really fun game ! The difficulty is just right too, neither too easy or too hard. Looking forward too see what more content will be added to the game !


An enemy that would force max to walk backwards could be cool!


foot fetish content would be amazing

Great game


As much as I don't like seeing fetishes in games, they already added beastility (tho it was removed) and tentacles so I don't think I can stop it.


they added what

well guess good animation and artstyle wouldnt come cheap 


im almost dying of waiting this dude kinda slow regardless whatever hes going thru 


It was at this moment that my orintation came to nauhgt 


man i love this game cant wait till the next update

it doesnt work at all on opera. and i cant change it off of opera


It's amazing, I love it a lot. I wish I was max being fucked by all these creatures and people. Got me hard a lot Can't wait for chapter 3/zone 3


Oi pode trazer um apk para Android??


Wow, just loved the demo! The voice acting on the moanings and the scenes are amazing :3

It's not a compressed file when I downloaded it. What's going on?

Deleted 15 days ago

Well, technically there is one gender bender scene right now. In level two, the succubus enemy will turn Max female before she and another play with him. 


You mean he right?


Succubi are female, you're thinking of an incubus.


Sorry I thought he said that max was a girl I had a read it again. I wasn't talking about the succubus though, but thanks cos I actually didn't know that


I am winning, dad!


Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android??

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kincaid gave a huge ass update u gib update tooooo TwT

I can't download it, it says it's forbidden.

how do i solve?

use anyother browser?I'm in Asia,and i use google chrome

Have you solved the issue? I have the same problem with lots of other games too


The first level of game is a little hard,picture is not clear,but I love this style,the game just have two levels,I look forward to more of it.

This is the answer to the second level(for chinese,cause some cn cant understand the meaning,No racial discriminationTAHNKS)


壹 伍 肆 贰 抵五以随选,壹。

If you hold down and Q you will slide and kill like everyting. It makes the game easy

i like ur face(hh),right, a powerful skill.


where can I get the full game for free?

There is no full game, its still being made. 

ohh ok thx


deadass when full game

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