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what happened to the wolf that was in the old version of the game


what do i do after installing it?

How to get Corrupted Vick? Do we *spend time* with Cheerleader Vick? Only appears twice on the level at most, as far as I can tell


you play with cheerleader Vick twice indeed, and then corrupted vick will be at the end of the level defending the portal.

Are there any plans to sell the hoodie? Im sure im not the only one that would look cute in it.


Sorry, I don't feel ready to deal with the logistics and work that comes with selling merch. Maybe sometime in the future.


Hopes this comes to Android soon


when is it coming for mobile??

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is it normal that you can't access level three enemies in the gallery yet?

Can or Cant? Cant is not normal.

can't, typo sry


You must be playing the browser version, that one is still behind.


Did you download the version 3.11 in downloads? The browser version is on a previous update.

i am getting a mono error when i extract it how to fix this?


when update?


uhh, well, I was able  play this game maybe before the new update, but ever since WinZip came into play, I was never able to open it or play it, I love the game, but is there a better way to download it? 

and, no.. I can't play it in the browser sadly...

you can play it in the browser, it just takes time to load, around 2-3 minutes


is this on android


If you download joiplay and it's add-ons, just search joiplay in the app store and download the first three, or look up how to use joiplay to be sure you get the right ones, there's several tutorials around


I hope the author updates the game soon I can't wait to check out level 


When will the next update come? I am enjoying the game a lot and I wanna see more :D


This is a very good h-game! The artwork and VA is incredible, and it's completely free! :)


This has some of the best art I've ever seen in a h-game ^-^ very excited for new content

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Actually,it is easy to play this game on android,there is no need to make an android version.

If the HTML5 version is able to be downloaded ,then we can run it by an App called joiplay.

even it is version 3.03, better  than nothing. 


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how do i fix this problem?


Do you have Winrar or 7-zip installed? You need one of the two to open an .rar file.  I suggest 7-zip, winrar has a annoying pop up after an "trial period," which you can still use after the period.


Winrar is not safe to download for most window pcs. It can seriously screw with the computer and you'll have to reset everything to fix it. I had to learn that the hard way wen I tried it last time.


here's a tip: when you use an installer from a sketchy website, don't just repeatedly click next like an idiot. pay attention to what the installer is actually doing.




Love the game. 

Though it does need an option to resize the screen, and some alt keybinds for those who are "left handed".


im sooo excited about this game and hella happy i found out where to down load it. i dont have a pc capable of running the game but ive got faith once its completed that there will hopfully be a version for android. the art and animations are the best ive seen for a game of this type please keep up the good work! you've got a fan for life wth me 


pls add mobile version 


Are you going to release an Android version??

hey, this is rlly cool but i was just curious if how any versions this game are planned to have?


I am currently working on level 4, after that I plan to make level 5 and maybe level 6 with Fae as a boss fight, There will also be some lore and story updates, and hopefully a hard-mode and endless-mode.  I might also remake level 1 a bit to be as good as the newer levels. 

So all in all, I have plenty of ideas still planned for this game, and I hope to make it as cool as possible.

I love that your still working on the game, i believe it has huge potential in the future. (not that its not good now) Also, what are some of your plans for the next enemies?



Working on v4.00 (level 4) now. It will take some time to get it ready, I expect a new big update around Christmas!

how the hell is dane meant to be avoided? nothing i try works


You can use the slide or just punch your way through, you're not supposed to jump over her. 

ah, thanks

How do you slide? I did it once and can't replicate it

Question how do i open it on mac

You need to 

  • launch Terminal [Applications/Utilities], then type or copy/paste:
    chmod +x [including a space after the x] 
  • then drag the app you need to change the permissions straight onto the Terminal window, which will fill in the correct path 
  • hit Backspace once, as the last task will add an unnecessary space
  • Then you need to add the sub-path to the actual executable inside the app, so copy this & paste it onto the end of your current Terminal line:  /Contents/MacOS/*
  • Hit Enter
  • If you did it right, there will be a line that says your Mac name

Then you should be able to open the app

Or you might have to right click the app, click open, then trust this app

when i hit enter is it suppose to say " chmod: /Users/"mac name"/Desktop/Mte v3.11 MAC. rar/Contents/Mac0s/*: Not a directory macbook-ait mac name ( line but curved) mac name$ ?


Please publish the Android version as soon as possible.


How do Android users download it?


can you make the mac version with zip file ?


can i play it on joiplay?


hey kiss3 how does it feel to say If you want it so much then give hoodie a bunch of money so they can pay someone to make the port or give guides to make an easy port. If you anit doing either then stop spamming for an port. to everyone who wants android 

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Im not spamming for port, i have an actually pc and playing on the phone is dumb.

Im spamming the spammers so they can piss off or put their money where their mouth is.

Also, unlike them i actually contribute here and help out the best i can. I dont see them finding solutions to problems.


Is it possible to get android version?


Wait, this is actualy a pretty nice game xD
I love Max's voice !!! It's so lovely !

anyone know how to fix the mono files as for me they fail to load


Hola, alguien me puede decir como puedo hacer para que el juego no vaya a 15 FPS? xdd

tienes algún emulador para jugarlo en Android? Estoy deseando poder disfrutar de este juego :/


Please can you create a infinite mode where i can play the whole level without stopping


Hoodie normally only comments here whenever an new update is out, but an inf mode could possibly happen. Though it wont be until the game levels are done, which i am guessing sometime between spring and summer of next year if everything goes to plan.


I'm proud of how this turned out, I've been watching how the development has gone since the start. I'm excited about the outcome.


Sandbox mode in the future?


i love the gameplay and what it has in store but i have a suggestion could there be a latex thing or hypnosis cuz that would be really hot



Probably no on hypnosis since i think patreon does not allow that type of content still.

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